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Navigation: ice-cream-covered screaming hyperactive thought

A navigational table with the option for multiple "pages," made especially with the idea of multiple games in mind!

Base Code

Page Code

Links Codes
Regular URLs Pages


BACKGROUND IMAGE URL in the base code. The image should be 700x300 pixels.
CHARACTER NAME in the base code.
LINK URL in each regular link.
LINK TITLE in each link, regular or page.
PAGE TITLE in the page code.
PAGE NAME appearing both in the link to the page, and the page code itself. Please note that "PAGE NAME" has to be an exact match in both the link code and the place it appears in the page code itself, right down to the capitalization. The # symbol in the link code should stay there, but don't add one to the place "PAGE NAME" appears in the page code itself!

#FFFFFF for the text color for the links.
0,0,0 for the semi-transparent background color for the links. This is an RGB value, not a hex code; you can convert one to the other here.
#FEFEFE for the text color for the name/titles.
#666666 for the shadow behind the name/titles.
#EFEFEF for the text color for the credit link. Please change this if it's unreadable on your background image!

Georgia for the font for the name/titles.
Consolas for the font for the links.

As always, you are free to edit this code as much as you'd like so long as my credit remains intact, and please don't hesitate to ask if you need any help!