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Navigation: and throw me down the stairs, please

Two versions of a simple navigation table: one with a blurb at the focus, made with OCs in mind, and another that's all links. You can have as many links and as long a blurb as you'd like; the table will stretch to accommodate you!

Blurb/Armim No Blurb/Emmeryn

Replacements and instructions are the same for both codes! CTRL+F for "Link Code" and the line of code directly underneath that is the code for the links, of course. Copy and paste that as many times as you'd like for as many links as you need!

ICON: The URL for the icon you want to use.
NAME: The text for the header/name field.
URL: The URL for the link button.
TEXT: The text in that link button.
BLURB: For the blurb version, this is where your blurb goes.

EEEEDD: Color of the right half's background.
000000 Color of the right half's text if you're using the blurb version.
D0E8EE: Color of the left half's background.
907EBC: Color of the header/name field.
FFD3E0: Color of the link buttons' background.
0771C9: Color of the link buttons' text.

As always, let me know if you need any help at all, and please don't remove the credit link!