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This was a commission for my pal Ira, and as such, I will not be posting the code. I'm posting it here as a sample of my work!

Since I don't have a proper commissions post set up yet, if you're interested in commissioning something like this from me (CR charts and muselists like this and others that I've made would be 30 points), you can send me a PM!
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These were made for my RP journals, and probably won't be made public because working out the margins and such to keep everything in place is too big a pain in the butt to adjust for variations on image sizes and number of boxes and so on and so on.

You can see them in action here for Zia's and here for Aoi's!
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The height of the blurb box will change depending on how much text you put in it, but won't grow any higher than 100px—after that, it starts to scroll!

If you want all of the heights to be uniform, find max-height and change it to just height.

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Hey! What's the big idea?! )

Please credit [community profile] photosynthesis if you use this anywhere! Changing the colors, images, etc. is all okay as long as the credit is left.


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