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Misc: usually i title these after whatever i'm listening to but my friend is napping on the chair

Two versions of a simple template for an IC inbox!

art credit

Vertical Horizontal

Replacements to make:
BANNER URL - URL for your image. The image should be 250px wide if you're using the vertical version, and 500px if you're using the horizontal one. Height can be whatever you want it to be, but the code might get a little funky if you're using the vertical version and your image is too short.
HEX CODE - Hex code for the color of the "inbox" banner, the secondary text, and the links.
BANNER TEXT - Hex code for the color of the word "inbox".
BLURB TEXT - Whatever you want the little blurb to say!
BLURB COLOR - Hex code for the color of the blurb.
ART CREDIT URL - URL for the art you're using. Crediting artists is important! If you aren't using fanart, find and remove this piece of code:

Feel fee to edit this as much as you'd like, but please keep the code credit intact!

As always, let me know if you're having any trouble with the code!

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