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CR Chart: we dance like angels do

A CR chart with the option of having a box for symbols and a key to go with it! Or a box for whatever. Or you can just not have the box. It's your chart, dude.

if you want the key and symbols box if you don't

How to use the key
This should be pretty self-explanatory! Basically replace all the "[symbol] stands for" with whatever you want. Make it "♥ Love"/"♪ Family" however you do this, man, I don't actually use symbols.

If that's not enough for you, find the line "EXTRA SYMBOL ROWS GO DIRECTLY BELOW THIS LINE" and directly below it, add this line as many times as you'd like:

How to use the rest of it
Here's what you need to add new rows. Add whichever one of these applies directly above the line "EXTRA BLURB ROWS GO DIRECTLY ABOVE THIS LINE":

if you're using the second box if you're not

And find and replace these things!

Name 1, Name 2, Name 3: The names for the first, second, and third box in the row, respectively.
Icon 1, Icon 2, Icon 3: The icon URLs for the first, second, and third box in the row, respectively.
Symbols 1, Symbols 2, Symbols 3: The symbols that go in the symbol box for the first, second, and third row, respectively. This won't be present at all if you aren't using the key version, so don't worry.
Blurb 1, Blurb 2, Blurb 3: [john mulaney voice] yeah ice you got it
#BF2953: The pink on the left, if you want to change that color.
#B2D986: The green on the right, if you want to change that color.

As always, let me know if you're having any problems at all! I could have proofread this better so definitely lemme know if there are any mistakes.

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