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Navigation (CMO Post): Those Seas That You've Seen On The Big Screen

A code for Call Me Out posts that has room for the icons of the three characters you're most itching to play, a link to your muselist, a blurb about your requirements, and some links to prompts.

I've been using this one for myself for a while, but since I'm going to be remaking it, I'm going to share this one for use!

Feel free to edit this as much as you'd like, but please leave the credit intact!

Here's what needs to be replaced!

ICON ONE URL for your first icon!
ICON TWO URL for your second icon!
ICON THREE URL for your third icon!
MUSELIST LINK URL to your muselist! The text is "or pick anyone else on " and the text that's linked is "my full muselist!" if you want to change those, too.
ONE THING, TWO THING, THREE THING Each of these is a colored bullet point! The symbol » is used as a bullet if you want to replace it. If you want more lines, the code for the bullet and text is directly below here. Add them above the line that says ADD MORE THINGS ABOVE THIS LINE, obviously.
<span style="color:#HEX CODE;">»</span> TEXT FOR BULLET POINT
HEX CODE This shows up in a whole bunch of places, so your best bet is going to be to find-and-replace all of them! This will be the color of the text, the arrows pointing at your icons, the dotted lines, and the links. Use just the hex code without the # symbol!
BACKGROUND COLOR The background color! Use the hex code without the # symbol!

If you want to add more prompts, find the line that says ADD EXTRA PROMPTS BELOW THIS LINE and use this code below that line however many times you'd like:

Replace LINK ONE with the URL and PROMPT ONE with the text; same goes for LINK ONE and LINK TWO. Don't forget to change the HEX CODE bits here in the same way as you do in the main code!

As always, if you need any help or encounter any problems, let me know and I'll help you through them!

And hey, while I'm here—I feel like this ought to be common sense, but please don't alter my codes (or anyone else's, for that matter, unless you have permission) and act like they're yours, and, worse, sell them for money. This happened not too long ago to me without having any real resolution (the person took down their commissions post when I commented to it but never acknowledged a single one of my attempts at communication) and the lack of new content hasn't been a coincidence. I hate to use this community as a place to whine, but coding is something I really enjoy, which makes me feel even worse about having my stuff ripped off. My designs and codes are all made from scratch and it's tough work! This is the second time my stuff has been taken, credit removed, and then sold to someone else, and it's so discouraging to see people making a monetary profit off something I worked hard on, especially when I'm happy to guide people through basic tweaks or take commissions for new stuff.

I want to be able to make stuff that people enjoy! As an example, I see that game ad I made on RPA all the time and my heart sings every time I do. I'm thrilled to see people enjoying and getting use out of these codes, but it's not hard to be respectful about it.

Thanks! ♥

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