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CR Chart: If It Feels For You

A CR chart with room for a smallish-mediumish blurb as well as space for a symbol denoting whether it's positive/negative/neutral CR.
Codes under the cut!

  Custom Colors Example Colors
Start With This
New Rows

1. Start with one of the codes above. Use the Custom Colors code if you want to pick your own colors, or use the Example Colors code if you just wanna stick with what I used there.

2. Use the corresponding New Rows code for each new row of three boxes. Place it above the line that says <!--NEW ROWS--> in your first code.

3. If you're using custom colors, replace everything in {pointy brackets} below with hex codes. You don't need to include the hashtag in front of them. If you're using the example colors, you only need to replace the things in [square brackets]. Make sure the brackets are included in your search and removed when you replace the value!

4. Please don't remove my credit! If you want to edit it to match your customizations better, that's not a problem, but I'd like it to still be visible! Thank you!

As always, give me a heads-up if you're having any trouble at all!

Stuff to replace:
{LEFT BORDER} Dashed border on the left side of the box.
{BOTTOM BORDER} Dashed border on the bottom of the box.
{BACKGROUND} Background color for the box.
{NAME COLOR} Text color for the name.
{DESCRIPTION TEXT} Text color for the blurb.
{TRIANGLE COLOR} Background color for the triangle.
{ICON BORDER} Border around the icon.
{NAME BORDER} Color of that dashed border underneath the name.
{CIRCLE BACKGROUND} Background color of the circle.
{SYMBOL COLOR} Text color for the symbols inside the circle.
{DESCRIPTION TEXT} Text color for the blurb.
[USERPIC URL] Take a guess, dude.
[NAME] The character name, of course.
[BLURB] Duh.
Q No brackets or anything! This is the spot where the symbol goes in the circle;
I'd recommend ♥s and Xs or something.

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