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Courtney ([personal profile] prospitian) wrote in [community profile] photosynthesis2017-06-26 12:30 am

navigation: stove burns on my hands

A navigation table with room for a quote and as many links as you want, but honestly you can stack a bunch of these on top of each other and use them for whatever?

Here's the stuff you need to replace! Instructions for the links themselves, including replacements, are in the code.
ICON URL - It's your icon!
BORDER COLOR - The border color for the icons, links, and bubble. Use a hex code with a hashtag!
BG COLOR - The background color for the links and the bubble. Use a hex code with a hashtag!
QUOTE TEXT - The color of the quote text. Use a hex code with a hashtag!

Feel free to edit this as much as you want so long as my credit remains intact! As always, if you need any help with the code, gimme a yell and I'll check it out!

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