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Mar. 19th, 2015 08:40 pm
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commission info

Not all codes on this community are for public use and distribution! This navigation table will only bring you to ones that are.

CR Charts Muselists Navigation Profiles

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Oct. 8th, 2014 01:10 pm
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Hover over the images for prices; click for a link to the full code!

The short version of how commissions work is this: you tell me what you want and I make it. This can be as specific or not as you want: you could give me a drawing of exactly what you want your code to look like, or you could give me a list of features ("room for three icons apiece, a very short blurb space, thick borders, dashed lines, a place for symbols") with or without a budget, and I'll give you at least 3 concept sketches. You can choose one or pick things you like/dislike about each one and we'll modify the concepts until we end up with a design you like, which I'll then give you a price for and code. This is usually easiest to do over something like Plurk or AIM, but I'm happy to do it here in the comments or in PMs.

As an example: a request for "circular images, room for about 100 words, matching a thick-bordered theme" was given these sketches, resulting in this code.

I'll take payment in DW points or in USD sent through Paypal at slightly lower prices.

All of the samples given are things I've coded, but they're not all things that were commissioned—prices given for things that weren't commissioned are what I would have charged if they were.

Please comment here (comments are screened) with a way to contact you, send me a PM, or email me at courtneycommissions@gmail.com with what you're looking for if you're interested in a commission!

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A CR chart with the option of having a box for symbols and a key to go with it! Or a box for whatever. Or you can just not have the box. It's your chart, dude.

and you'll never get sad and you'll never get sick and you'll never get weak )

As always, let me know if you're having any problems at all! I could have proofread this better so definitely lemme know if there are any mistakes.
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A fairly simple navigation table with a background image and nine links!

Art Credit: Celty / Refia

i won't lie, i knew you belonged here )

Please leave the credit intact, and as always, give me a holler if you need any help with this code at all!
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A code for Call Me Out posts that has room for the icons of the three characters you're most itching to play, a link to your muselist, a blurb about your requirements, and some links to prompts.

I've been using this one for myself for a while, but since I'm going to be remaking it, I'm going to share this one for use!

people, all the people with big bellies banging bigger drums, they beat down on you, they beat the pulse into your shoes )

As always, if you need any help or encounter any problems, let me know and I'll help you through them!

additionally: a small whine )
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A CR chart with room for a smallish-mediumish blurb as well as space for a symbol denoting whether it's positive/negative/neutral CR.
Codes under the cut!

money don't matter if you're hah, hah, hah )

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A CR chart designed to resemble Epicmafia's game setup—specifically the header with all the roles in it, and their info menus.

Check it out!
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This CR chart goes straight down. There are little icons at the top and if you click on them, they'll bring you right to the character!
See it live!

all i wanted to be was a million miles from here, somewhere more familiar )

As always, if you need help with any of this or you've encountered any problems, let me know!
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A navigation table made with game advertisements in mind, but of course, you can use this for anything.

This has two separate codes depending on whether you want to use it in a journal entry, or in a comment. Please read the instructions carefully and let me know if you're having any trouble at all!

Preview Art Credit

don't get all twisted alone in the dark )
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See it live!

This is a navigation table made specifically with OCs in mind—hence the space for some vital stats and an information blurb. The informational blurb will scroll if it overflows, but the vital stats blurb won't. It has four links for you to customize, or you can add a second row to get nine. The image at the left has to be 200x300 pixels.

this is why we work hard )
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This was a commission for my pal Ira, and as such, I will not be posting the code. I'm posting it here as a sample of my work!

Since I don't have a proper commissions post set up yet, if you're interested in commissioning something like this from me (CR charts and muselists like this and others that I've made would be 30 points), you can send me a PM!
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These were made for my RP journals, and probably won't be made public because working out the margins and such to keep everything in place is too big a pain in the butt to adjust for variations on image sizes and number of boxes and so on and so on.

You can see them in action here for Zia's and here for Aoi's!
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The height of the blurb box will change depending on how much text you put in it, but won't grow any higher than 100px—after that, it starts to scroll!

If you want all of the heights to be uniform, find max-height and change it to just height.

codes )
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Hey! What's the big idea?! )

Please credit [community profile] photosynthesis if you use this anywhere! Changing the colors, images, etc. is all okay as long as the credit is left.
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